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The appeal of food photography is to make the food look as great to you as it tastes to us. There aren’t lots of secrets to quite food photography— however you require good lighting and you require quite a food.

What camera do you use?

I invested the very first 2 years utilizing a Nikon Point & Shoot prior to getting a Canon 40D. But I got video camera body envy when my partner purchased a Canon T2i– it was smaller sized, lighter, and the resolution was better. The 40D still does better in low-lighting circumstances however I shoot 90% of the shots here with the T2i.

What lenses do you use or recommend?

50mm/1.8– You can not beat the bang that you get for your dollar with the “thrifty fifty.” This was my very first lens purchase and the very first lens I recommend to any blogger getting going with a DSLR.
50mm/1.4– I upgraded to the “awesome fifty” a year or so later. Numerous people have actually reported issues with the autofocus going out on it around the 1-year mark– I’ve had to have Canon fix it twice and they wouldn’t honor the service warranty on the very first repair work even though it was within the service warranty duration.
Tamron 17-50mm/ 2.8– I liked the freedom to zoom in/out without moving due to the fact that I didn’t have an insane amount of much space where I used to shoot the images for this blog. It likewise made it easier to make up shots when I was dealing with a tripod. I wish for the Canon 24-70 but simply cannot validate that size of a purchase when the equipment I have does exactly what I want it to.

Do you use a flash?

Attempting to shoot dinner early at 5pm when it’s pitch black out completely stinks so I typically convert myself to a weekend blogger at that point. It was an excellent offer for $25 but you might just take landscape (broad) pictures and not a picture (tall).

Do you use Photoshop?

No, I use Lightroom. And it’s amazing and way more inexpensive. Please take a look at the How I Edit edition of Photo Fridays to learn more.

What’s this business about a tripod?

Sometimes it’s so dark that I need to utilize a tripod so I can utilize a truly slow shutter speed to obtain the image I need. It’s likewise incredible to use back when I went through a “tethered” stage (more on that in a Photo Friday quickly). We were offered a Manfrotto as a present so I do not have another recommendation