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What Do Prestige Emblems Look Like?

Prestige Emblems

COD have made themselves the first-person shooter king with a massive range of games covering all eras and offering different game play. The COD games are available for PC and all the major consoles, meaning they have a big community of players.

Call of Duty games are made by Treyarch and published by Activision, the duo responsible for most of the hit games in the last decade and a half. Each COD game has its own unique twists, but Black Ops 3 has always been their most off the wall series.

Black Ops has never been afraid to experiment. With futuristic stories taking place in alternative timelines they make themselves free to create diverse and interesting characters. They also aren’t afraid to throw in advanced weaponry and gear, which can’t be seen in other first-person shooters.

Another unique feature of the Black Ops games is the zombie mode. This is the side game where you fight for your life against the undead hordes and can be played on your own or in a team. Despite just being a side game, they’ve created a good storyline for the zombie mode and if you haven’t tried it you really must.

Black Ops 3 is made to be fun for solo play and has a great multiplayer game. What makes Black Ops 3 particularly good is the extra features they’ve crammed in, giving the game hidden depths. One of these features is the emblems.

Black Ops 3 Emblems

Black Ops 3 has an emblem feature. This is a symbol which appears next to your name in the game and can be used to easily identify you. Until you reach a certain level you’re given a default emblem which relates to your rank. However, once you reach level 10 you have the option to customize your emblem.

There are some premade emblems that you can purchase using in game currency. These are often pretty cool, but unfortunately that’s what everyone uses so you won’t really stand out. Black Ops 3 also has an in-game emblem editor to create your very own emblem.

This editor works like paint, but in the game and can be difficult to use. If you’re creative then it’s the perfect place to go and if you aren’t there are a number of tutorials you can follow to bring your idea to life.

Black Ops 3 Prestige Emblems

For those who are serious about games we want the world to know how good we are. Levelling up is great, but the best way shows everyone where you’re at is to use the prestige emblems.

Prestige emblems are earned as you move up through the ranks. There are 11 different prestige emblems you can earn, ranging from 1 to 10. Each level becomes harder to attain and the badge looks more impressive as you go.

True mastery of Black Ops 3 comes once you reach the 11th level, Master Prestige. This is the ultimate gaming achievement and the badge looks incredible. Having it next to your name really draws the attention of other players.

If you want to move up the ranks fast and earn prestige check out our full guide on how to earn all the Black Ops 3 prestige emblems.

Do You Dare Drive Without the Falcon Zero F360 Dashcam

Do You Dare Drive Without the Falcon Zero F360 Dashcam

Every car deserves, no, needs a dashboard camera. Even if you’re a safe driver who follows the speed limit, stop at all red lights, use your lights and indicators perfectly, you might still find yourself involved in an accident.
Why? Because you have absolutely no control over the next person’s driving habits.

In fact, it is becoming increasingly common that reckless drivers will hit you and run, or even worse try to blame you for the accident. Others go as far as lying and bribing their way out of trouble. Deplorable.

However, if you have a dashboard camera you can be guaranteed that you will never be a victim of such unethical drivers. You will have all the evidence you need in form of videos and photos, right in the palm of your hand.

The invaluable footage of a dash cam can do more than just show who is guilty of causing an accident. You can use it to get out of a ticket for an offense you didn’t commit, your car insurer may rely on it as proof for compensation, it can help you keep track of your vehicle whenever you lend it out to friends or family, and finally the videos and photos make for great memories of the journeys you’ve had.

Get Falcon Zero’s F360

Falcon Zero F360 HD Dash CamThe value of your footage is only as good as its quality. A dash cam is of no use if it can’t capture road signs, license plates, and the area around your car with crispy clarity. That is why you need a Falcon Zeros F360.

Falcon Zero has a long-standing reputation for making some of the best dash cams in the industry. Since its inception in 2012, the company has grown to become the leading dashboard camera supplier in the whole world. Currently there are more Falcon Zeros in cars than any other brand. That makes a huge case for the company’s mission to make driving both safer and cheaper.

Why the F360?

Enough about the manufacturer, what exactly does the F360 bring to the table? It could easily pass as the best dash cam today because of these features:

• Dual channel cam: you get a front and rear camera for your car. But it is possible to deactivate the rear camera if you don’t care for it.
• High definition: the F360’s footage is 720P when both cameras are recording simultaneously. That goes up to 1080P when you disconnect one camera.
• LCD screen: you can catch all the action on the integrated, crystal clear 3.5-inch LCD display.
• Wide angle: each camera has a viewing angle of 120 degrees and can rotate through 180 degrees.
• 32 GB storage: the dash cam uses microSD memory cards. It can support up to 32 GB, which is sufficient to record up to 8 hours of footage.

More Benefits for You

– Uses loop recording
– Has built-in microphone for audio recording
– Switches on/off automatically with ignition
– Superb night vision
– Comes with 1-year warranty
– Internal battery provides backup

The only downside of installing the F360 in your car is that it doesn’t have Wi-Fi or GPS capabilities. That is actually a blessing in disguise because you won’t have to deal with a complicated gadget. Plus it makes it very affordable, giving you just what you need from a dashcam without the costly extras.

How to Pick the Best Clothing for Your Baby

How to Pick the Best Clothing for Your Baby

First-time parents are always surprised that there is such a great variety of baby onesies in the marketplace. Here’s a straightforward guide to finding that type of newborn clothing least likely to irritate your baby’s skin, or drive you crazy trying to put it on them.

Baby clothing is made from a great variety of fabric types. Some of these are great deal softer than the others, and I can make a huge difference for babies with extra sensitive skin. And some clothing is made with particularly harsh dies, or chemicals used by manufacturers in a spraying process that is intended to make the clothing look crisper at point-of-sale. It’s good to know about how different manufacturers handle these things, to make sure you put nothing on the infant that is an absolutely safe and comfortable to wear.

And certainly watch out for dangerous tags, labels, or small decorations affixed to the outfit. Anything potentially irritating should not be allowed to come into contact with the skin of your baby. For that reason, will always recommend simple clothing for newborns. Find soft materials that will not chafe your baby’s skin, because the last thing you want to deal with is a spreading rash that leads to a very unhappy child!.

We favor onesies with a front opening that also make it easy to spread and close as the baby comes in and out of it. Onesies with an opening that runs all the way down the legs make it super easy to change diapers, which can sometimes be necessary when out of the house. For example, quickchange at a shopping mall bathroom. The last thing you want is the frustration of juggling a baby, their clothing, diaper bags and creams all at the same time.

Also, read up on the various reviews of onesies that are available. Amazon can be a great source of actual practical parent reviews. By learning about other people’s experiences, you might avoid buying the types of clothing that will frustrate you and your baby. This is crucial if you plan to buy things like baby onesies from online stores. As you well know, product details online can be incomplete, vague, or even misleading. It’s hard to get a good idea from the seller themselves about what to expect.

Between the product review and actual buyer comments, you should have a pretty good idea that you’re about to order something that will need to be returned immediately. While the product descriptions can help parents make the right decisions, they need to know what they should be looking for and not choose something they will end up regretting later.

How Do You Face a Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis?

How Do You Face a Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis?

Those who suffer from bipolar disorder are prone to abnormal mood changes, as well as shifting activity and energy levels. This is also sometimes called Manic Depressive Disorder. Needless to say, this shifting behavior can make it difficult to perform what others would call routine daily tasks.

rapid cycling and bipolar disorder patientsThere are four primary symptoms/characteristics to help one determine if they suffer from bipolar disorder. The each revolve around the frequency and severity of fluctuations in energy and mood. Many of those who suffer from bipolar disorder report that it can be difficult to even get out of bed in the morning. However, these low periods can be followed by manic episodes where energy levels are pinned and it’s nearly impossible to get rest and/or think rationally. Manic phases can cause a feeling of euphoria, coupled with abnormal energy that leads to even reckless behavior. It’s often closely followed by deep depression, leaving one side and feeling hopeless during what can be lengthy episodes of Little activity.

Mood Variations

Frequent mood changes of those who have bipolar disorder are known as “cycling” by most professionals and patients. The pattern of cycling is never the same from person to person, nor is it even consistent within one individual. And between the extremes, patients can experience perfectly healthy feelings behavior much like anyone else when experience. However, the patient must remain vigilant for the onset of either mania or depression.

As noted above, these mood changes can often be abrupt and unpredictable. Rapid cyclers report that there “episodes” move back and forth multiple times in a single day, or for some, only after years. In rare cases, depressive and manic episodes can occur for the same person simultaneously, often creating great confusion and danger.

For some, seasonal changes can function as a trigger for the onset of an episode. The key is to always be self-aware when changes began to occur. Past episodes can and do leave clues about what to expect in the future. Many sufferers find relief through therapy and/or medication. And while it’s not common, there are patient to find the perfect regimen to minimize, or even stop, mood cycling. It’s important to learn to rely on family and friends in spotting behavioral shifts. Sometimes, they are able to see the warning signs when you cannot. Tell your friends and acquaintances about your disorder ahead of time. It’s important that they understand what you may be facing, in case your behavior becomes erratic while they are present.

Most Effective Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

In most cases, a combination of counseling, psychiatric care and medication provide the most effective treatment for bipolar disorder. In fact, most patients use more than one medication to create mood stabilization. Popular drug treatment includes antidepressants, mood stabilizers, antipsychotics and benzodiazepines. This may sound like a lot to take, but it can be a blessing compared to behavior that is destructive and out-of-control. No one wants to face a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, because like most mental health conditions, it leaves one feeling less than in control of their life. But it’s important to understand that plenty of treatment help is available, and many drugs are effective for controlling the symptoms.